At Logika we believe that pitch competitions are an important part of the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Pitch competitions give entrepreneurs a chance to be seen by the community, practice and improve their pitches, and get exposure to potential investors.

We also know that organizing and running a pitch competition is hard. So, we want to offer a little help. Between organizing the event, recruiting entrepreneurs to pitch, and getting judges to show up, sometimes there’s just no time to create clear judging criteria.

This pitch guide is designed to solve that problem. Specifically, it is:

  • A transparent process that gives participants, judges, and audience members a shared, clear understanding of how the competition will be run
  • Based on best practices for developing and running a startup
  • Designed to improve the quality of pitches and make companies more successful

Download Files

Full-color Guide

Greyscale Judges Scoring Sheet

Permission to use

Be sure to check the latest version of the guide for the “official version” all of the details. In general, you may use this guide, without charge, for your event under the following conditions:

  • The guide is used in its entirety, without deletions or modifications
  • The guide is made available to all judges and participants
  • Optional, but highly encouraged, the guide is made available to all audience members (suggestion: distribute electronically on the website for your event)
  • Your event does not produce more than $10,000 in revenue including ticket sales, entry fees, sponsorships, and all other sources including in-kind support

Contact us to discuss permission to use under other conditions.