I’m often asked where the name Logika comes from.

Logic + Ka = Logika

At Logika we start with logic. Building a sustainable and scaleable enterprise must start with a business model that makes sense. We know logic is improved by examining challenges from multiple perspectives (link to 17 camels??). We work with our clients to integrate varied points-of-view into robust and practical operational practice.

But logic alone does not build great businesses. Breakthrough business leaders have great intuition and cultivate instinct and productive habits throughout their organizations. They encourage everyone to bring their best to the organization every day.

Ka is the Egyptian concept of vital essence. Business without Ka – without vital essence – is empty; neither sustainable nor scaleable. Modern life is an ever-changing blend of work, community, family, and self. When the wrong ingredients enter the blend, they wreck the balance of the whole batch. Integrity – our ability to act as whole, integrated selves – depends on maintaining integrity.

Our motivation in developing Logika was based in cementing logic and reasoning as our vital essence. We decided to use the best practices steeped in precedent as well as develop many of our own techniques using the same foundations. When Working Forward™ with clients and projects of any size, we know that the best solutions arise when we maintain the perfect balance of logic and ka.

Sustainable and scalable business begins with logic. Building a successful enterprise requires that all of the parts and pieces fit together and work flawlessly. We need to know the how as well as the why of creating value for our clients. But business that functions only based on logic lack the intuition, instinct, and responsiveness necessary to thrive in today’s dynamic marketplace.