One of my guilty pleasures is reading the headlines of the spam that populates my email every morning. I’m amazed at the lengths that internet marketers will go to to grab my attention in a world that is increasingly noisy. Some of my favorite recent subject lines include:

  • Order fast food if you want to solve diabetes
  • One glass of OJ could kill you
  • Drinking milk is worse than smoking 4 packs of cigarettes a day

As a result of this important new research I’m proud to announce that we at Logika will be devoting a significant portion of our time, attention, and resources to an exciting new product:

Bacon Wrapped Cigarettes

We truly believe that this revolutionary new product will change the healthcare industry by improving individual health through promoting bad habits.

I am, of course, not serious. But as I explored the Bacon Wrapped Cigarettes (BWC) concept further with colleagues and clients we uncovered some interesting insights:

ONE – BWCs are everywhere. We’ve all heard the old saying that “if it sounds too good to be true – it is!” yet we are still barraged by “breakthroughs” and “miracle secrets” that will allow us to “achieve the results that used to take years in just a few days and for five easy payments of only …”  It’s easy to become judgemental because …

TWO – It’s easy to see other peoples’ BWCs. We all have a colleague, family member, or friend who is chain smoking BWCs. We wonder at how someone who is otherwise a rational human being could be taken in by deceptive claims. This leads to a lack of self-awareness because …

THREE – We all smoke BWCs. Seeing your own BWCs is a bit of a challenge. BWCs are like vampires. They suck away our time, energy and resources and just like vampires that resist detection in mirrors. Finding your personal BWCs takes focused attention which is difficult since …

FOUR – BWCs are addictive. They feel good and give us false security that makes us feel like we are making progress as our dreams and goals are slipping away. Like any other addiction the cure begins with admitting that the addiction exists. So here is the challenge…

What are your personal BWCs?

Sharing them with your trusted advisors can begin the process of freeing up time and energy to get what you really need. I’d love to hear about your attempts, successes, and lessons in kicking the BWC habit.